This paper describes the servo pneumatic control technique, which is applied to the biomedical and biological technology. A cell micromanipulator is built by a 3-axes servo pneumatic micromanipulator system, which is set horizontally or vertically and driven by pneumatic cylinders. Due to the nonlinear characteristic of the air flow and the compressibility of air, the system is highly nonlinear system. Therefore, the compensators must be designed to reject those nonlinear effects and to improve the positioning precision. The dead-zone of the 3 axes pneumatic servo micromanipulator is measured, and the relation of velocity and voltage is plotted. Finally, a hybrid fuzzy controller, with dead zone, and velocity compensation, is designed to control the positioning precision of the 3 axes pneumatic servo micromanipulator. From the experimental results, the pneumatic servo micromanipulator has the positioning accuracy of 40 nm with different displacements. The system can be potentially used for the cell extraction, puncture, cutting and microinjection of the biological technology.

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