Current market place is highly competitive and frequently changing, to survive companies need to quickly respond to the customers’ requirements. This challenging situation demands a robust platform design and development process to produce variety of products in the shortest possible time. The common components for a set of similar products under a family can be grouped into a common platform. Development of product platform requires measuring the similarity among a set of products. This paper presents an approach to measure the similarity among a set of CAD models of products to develop a common product platform. The measured similarity of geometries can allow designers to identify components that have the potential to be included in the common platform. The degree of similarity is determined by extracting the information and developing a suitable commonality index for a set of CAD models. The commonality index values are then used to determine the common platform for a set of assembly products by developing and calculating the Average Assembly Platform index value. The overall approach is followed by two case studies: Cell Phone casing models and Vacuum Cleaner models.

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