A supply chain connects product suppliers, manufacturers, as well as customers with the goal of managerial efficiency. Meanwhile, product design emphasizes the engineering efficiency of a product. Both supply chain management and product design have been drawing attention from numerous researchers. However, there has been only limited research on the integration of product design and supply chain. Despite this fact, there is significant potential for synergy in the integration of engineering and supply chain management, as well as managerial concepts into product design. In the paper, we present a methodology to form this synergistic connection. The methodology presented first generates functional requirements of a product. A design repository is then utilized to synthesize potential components of all sub-functions, providing multiple options for the potential conceptual designs. These concepts are screened by using a Design for Assembly (DfA) index and then a Design for Supply Chain (DfSC) index to select the best concept. An example from the bicycle industry is presented to demonstrate the benefit of supply chain considerations at the conceptual design phase.

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