Six functions are identified as the most critical (“core” functions) to transportation vehicle energy systems. These selections are validated through analysis of 25 function structures as well as observations of a number of existing energy systems. Identifying which of the core functions and which of the energy types are involved in a given energy system is the Core-Function Modeling strategy (CFM strategy). These functions and energy types (the framework of CFM) are used to categorize approximately fifty processes and devices. This list is the Energy Morph Matrix (EMM). An experiment is performed that demonstrates how the EMM can be used as an aid to the concept generation process. The EMM also adapts well to a more automated approach for designing energy systems when used in combination with a search algorithm to identify chains of energy components. By incorporating a metric such as system efficiency or energy density into the search and computing this metric for each chain of energy components, these chains can be ranked and leading candidates can be highlighted for further analysis.

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