Generalized mass metric in Riemannian manifold plays a central role in dynamics and control of multibody system (MBS). In this work, two profitable aspects of multibody system dynamics studies, generalized mass metric in Riemannian geometry and recursive momentum formulation, are described. Firstly, we will derive an Adjoint-based expression of Riemannian metric and operator factorization of generalized mass tensor from a general-topology rigid MBS which comprises of a special Euclidian group SE(3) set. The specific expression can help to clearly understand what reasons lead to these components (Riemannian metric) of the generalized mass tensor and how they measure the curves of generalized velocity space. Meanwhile, the power algorithm of MBS is presented based on the Adjoint map of generalized velocity and generalized force. Next, from the generalized momentum definition depending on such Riemannian mass metric, recursive momentum equations of MBS dynamics are developed for progressively more complex systems: open-chains, topological trees, and closed-loop systems. In terms of the relation principle of impulse and momentum, a new method is proposed for describing conservative MBS form a given initial orientation and location to desired final ones without needing to solve motion process.

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