Brake squeal remains a widespread cause for discomfort in automobiles. Manufacturers overcome this problem by adding damping materials in their systems. The purpose of this work is to take into account the damping in the modeling. As the materials exhibit a viscoelastic behavior, the authors chose to model the damping with the Generalized Maxwell model. Moreover, the authors have tested their method on a detailed Finite Element-model of a brake system. To compute the complex poles of the model, the authors have established a state-space formulation of the viscoelastic model with a new assumption that allows one to reduce the number of states. Making the computation on the whole model is rather difficult due to the number of Degrees Of Freedom, the model is thus reduced on a basis constituted with the eigenvectors of the undamped model. Several results are also presented and discussed as the observed phenomena are rather different from the results obtained with undamped systems.

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