This paper presents the generalization of the divide and conquer impulse momentum formulation to systems with flexible bodies. The approach utilizes a hierarchic assembly-disassembly process by traversing the system topology in a binary tree map to solve for the jumps in the system generalized speeds and the constraint impulsive loads in linear and logarithmic cost in serial and parallel implementations, respectively. The coupling between the unilateral and bilateral constraints is handled efficiently through the use of kinematic joint definitions. The equations of motion for the system are produced in a hierarchic sub-structured form. The generalized impulse momenta equations of flexible bodies are derived using a projection method. The equations are then cast into a format amenable to be incorporated in the basic divide and conquer form. The solution of the equations using the hierarchic assembly disassembly process by using the boundary conditions are discussed for free floating, anchored trees and kinematically closed loop systems.

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