A new methodology for automated conceptual design of hybrid combined mechanical system based on the characteristic state space approach is developed. The goal is to conceive the appropriate hybrid system given only the kinematic function posed in the problem specifications. The key enabler of the conceptual synthesis is the method of capturing kinematic behavior and transforming the continuous and non-linear motion into the discrete states and linear relation characteristic stack representation. A new characteristic state analyzing method for multi-dof primary mechanism blocks is proposed. Then the characteristic state equations are established by motion relationship between the multiple inputs and the outputs, which including characteristic transformation matrices and the characteristic state vectors established through the method of linearization for kinematic equations according to the specific input and output motion transformation. Thus the multi-dof primary mechanism blocks are identified, classified and represented qualitatively from characteristic perspectives. And then, generalized characteristic state modeling method is used to describe the behavior of the multi-loop combined mechanism. The generalized characteristic state model sets are established according to the classified primary combination patterns. The mathematical model of the hybrid combination system facilitates the characterization of the primary mechanism blocks and primary combination patterns, transformation of problem specifications, decomposition into sub-problems, and the ability to search for alternate solutions. The characteristic state space graph theory and the space vector routing model between the random input-output dual vectors in state space are established. Furthermore, with the manipulation of the dual vectors, the mathematic synthesis model is presented leading to the characteristic equation operation and the groundwork is laid for the conceptual design. To fine present the automated decomposition and the synthesis algorithm, the suggested design examples are compact and compatible with the general design principles.

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