It is well known that due to the nonlinearity of the kinematics of linkage mechanisms, their output motion contains harmonics of the input motion. In most mechanisms, the generated high harmonic components in the output motion are the main source of vibration excitation that the mechanism imparts on the overall system, including its own structure. For simple linkage mechanisms such as slider-cranks and four-bar linkage mechanisms, the amplitudes of the harmonics of the output motion for constant input rotation have been derived. In the present study, it is shown that certain relationships exist between the amplitudes of the harmonic of the output motions. In particular, odd and even harmonic amplitudes are shown to be related through an inequality relationship. These relationships are due to the basic characteristics of the linkage mechanisms motions, which are significantly simplified for certain linkage geometries. The relationships between the amplitudes of the output velocity harmonics are derived for slider-crank and four-bar linkage mechanisms.

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