This paper presents the design of a damped ortho-planar spring that uses viscoelastic constrained-layer damping to reduce the free response oscillations of the spring and suppress modal resonances in that response. Background, theory, and applications surrounding fully-compliant ortho-planar springs and viscoelastic damping treatments are first discussed. Next, the effect of various constrained layer thickness on the spring constant, damping ratio, equivalent viscous damping ratio, modal frequencies, and modal damping ratios are compared, and trends discussed. The results show that the equivalent viscous damping co-efficient of the viscoelastically-damped spring can be increased to nearly 2.5 times that of the reference configuration without significantly changing the size of the constraining layer or the spring constant of the ortho-planar spring. Viscoelastically-damped ortho-planar springs are also shown to successfully remove mechanical noise from a contact resistance test stand.

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