A curved flexure element such as an initially-curved beam can deflect largely and facilely. Using curved flexure elements in compliant mechanisms allows the mechanism to move a longer distance or undergo a larger rotation angle stroke than using conventional notch flexures. This paper presents a novel large-deflection annulus-shaped flexure hinge covering multiple curved-beam flexure elements. It has been shown that geometric symmetry in the constraint arrangement relaxes some of the design tradeoffs, resulting in some improved performances of the flexure hinge. Additional fixed RCM characteristic of isosceles-trapezoidal flexure modules existed in this compliant joint further improve its accuracy. A master-motion pseudo-rigid-body model provides a simple and accurate method to analyze the force-deflection behavior of this new rotary flexure hinge. The accuracy of the model is verified by comparing outcomes to non-linear finite element analysis. The result shows the proposed rotary flexure hinge has a large stroke angle, a low axial and radial stiffness.

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