This paper discusses improvements in gripping efficiency of a simple gripping mechanism. The simple gripping mechanism has flexible fingers, and the multi-fingered gripper holds the gripped object by elastically deforming the fingers. The two-fingered gripper is formed by bending a narrow strip of thin elastic plate into an appropriate shape. It is simple in structure and is able to be easily miniaturized. The deformations of the gripper and gripped object are analyzed to ascertain its gripping efficiency. The two-fingered gripper is considered as a rigid frame whose both ends are fixed, and its deformation is analyzed. Since this structure is statically indeterminate, the virtual work method is used to analyze it. The gripped object is considered as two cantilever beams arranged parallel to each other, and its deformation is analyzed. Effectiveness of this analysis is verified in comparison between calculated results and experimental results. Moreover, by comparing gripping efficiency of the conventional structure of the simple gripping mechanism and the other three different structures with hinges, the effects of these differences between the node conditions on gripping efficiency are clarified.

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