Trends, ergonomics and engineering analysis post more challenges than ever to product shape designs, especially in the freeform area. In this paper, freeform feature handles are proposed for easing of difficulties in modifying an existing freeform shape. Considering the variations of curvature as the footprint of a freeform feature(s), curvature analysis is applied to find manipulators, e.g. handles, of a freeform feature(s) in the shape. For these, a Laplacian based pre-processing tool is proposed first to eliminate background noise of the shape. Then least square conformal mapping is applied to map the 3D geometry to a 2D polygon mesh with the minimum distortions of angle deformation and non-uniform scaling. By mapping the curvature of each vertex in the 3D shape to the 2D polygon mesh, a curvature raster image is created. With image processing tools, different levels of curvature changing are identified and marked as feature point(s) / line(s) / area(s) in the freeform shape. Following the definitions, the handles for those intrinsic freeform features are established by the user based on those feature items. Experiments were conducted on different types of shapes to verify the rightness of the proposed method. Different effects caused by different parameters are discussed as well.

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