From the viewpoint of kinematics, a type of 3 degrees of freedom (dofs) UPS/3RPaPaR overconstrained parallel mechanism (Pa means the hinged 4R parallelogram) with pure translational motion is presented for the development of automatic assembly devices or as a regional structure in the hybrid parallel platform. In the beginning, the formation & mobility are elucidated and the 4×4 transformation matrix & the D-H notation with specific geometric constraints verify the pure translational motion. The forward and inverse kinematic analyses are then established in the analytical closed-form through the matrix method. Besides, we take a numerical illustration for the confirmation of correctness of the derived equations. The determination of workspace is also attained by the intersection of volumes swept by each limb. In addition, the Jacobian matrix and its condition number indicated by Euclidean norm as a function of design parameters are further achieved. Finally, the singularity analysis of the configuration based on the direct and inverse kinematic J-matrix during the movement is identified in detail.

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