Thanks to its innovative products in the field of all-wheel drives, Magna Powertrain (MPT) has positioned itself in manufacturing high-performance All wheel drive gearboxes in the worldwide market very well. The continuity of the overall development process from manufacturing via assembly to comprehensive performance checks with integration in the vehicle is decisive for MPT’s system competence. In order to meet the customers’ requirements even in future, it is, in the long run, not only necessary to provide innovations that are relevant to the function. It also is absolutely required to enable optimizations based on innovative manufacturing concepts and methods will be done by innovative material selection, new manufacturing process chains or in their combination. Today the degree of optimization of machining, which is used for manufacturing gearing, is already very high. Therefore, advantages relating to manufacturing technology can only be achieved by completely changing the manufacturing concept. It is a matter of massive forming processes, which are particularly suitable as pre-processes or finishing processes for such gearing. Such terms as “Net shape” or “Near net shape” have been already integrated in literature for describing these manufacturing processes. Hot forming, semi-hot-forming or cold forming processes or their combination can be used depending on the geometrical requirements to achieve these near-net shape- or net shape condition. For slightly loaded, slow-rolling-off gear pairs, this process already is state of the art in many cases. In the field of highly loaded fast-rolling-off-involute cylindrical gears, we are entering new territory, no matter whether it is a question of all-wheel drive gear boxes, automatic or manual transmissions or of applications in the engine. The requirements placed on fatigue strength and gearing noise are correspondingly high for such gearing. This is a particular challenge both for innovative manufacturing technology and the design and test programme. In this paper you were shown about the status of current predevelopment programs regarding manufacturing of toothing for high speed gears.

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