This paper presents a new assembly model named open assembly model plus (OAM+) to support legacy systems engineering (LSE). LSE is a collection of technologies for prolonging the life of old mechanical systems. Rapid Re-Engineering System (RRES), a subsystem of LSE is geared towards the fast production of redesigned parts customized to the manufacturing capability available. RRES requires the extraction of initial part geometry, parameters, interfacing constraints, kinematic constraints, and technical function. These specifications need to be imprinted on the CAD model before iterative redesign. A CAD data model is needed that can carry all the functional constraints. A detailed comparison of all the available assembly model shows that none of them can provide all these requirements in one place. Assembly feature based, object oriented assembly model OAM+ is developed to meet these requirements in one model. OAM+ can be used to perform kinematic analysis, force analysis and can exchange feature data using N-Rep feature definition language between different modules of RRES. OAM+ is based on part and assembly features in N-Rep.

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