This paper has investigated effects of the bottle opening size on drinking feelings in order to improve the comfort level of consumers when drinking directly from the opening of aluminum bottle. A survey over 120 subjects has been performed based on a drinking test using three kinds of bottles with opening diameters of 28, 33 and 38 mm, respectively. Two questionnaires have been conducted. Statistical analysis results of Questionnaire 1 have shown that 33-mm opening is best for adult consumers with no matter the type of contents, gender and the mouth size. The factor analysis results of Questionnaire 2 based on Kansei Engineering have shown that drinking feeling is affected by two common factors, which considered as the flow from the bottle to the mouth and the flow adjustability. Moreover, the fluid-dynamics analysis model has been developed to simulate the bottled liquid in a drinking action consisting of survey results and experimental observations of consumers’ drinking actions. Numerical simulations have been performed to understand how consumers control the flow during the drinking actions. It is found that the consumers usually try to realize the ideal and preferable condition by adjusting the inclination angle of the bottle.

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