The optimization of Reel-Cutting Planning Problem “RCPP” is concerned with finding the best selection of a strategic reel set and the corresponding tactical cutting lengths “sheets set”, from a wide feasible space, to be used in producing a set of blanks. The problem is classified as a weighted multi objectives two-staged guillotine two-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem “CSP” of Dyckoff’s type 2/V/D/M. This paper presents a tailored metaheuristic solution using grouping genetic algorithms (GGAs). Overlapped Chromosome representation is newly developed for optimization. Developed also an especial database to create the cutting patterns of resulting solution. The objective in this application is to minimize the total cost, which includes the total material cost required to achieve a lot size, the cost of selecting reels set size, and the cost of cutting lengths from these reels “sheet set size”. An industrial case study is considered. The attained optimum cutting plan provides an overall improvement of 4.3% over the current professional cutting plan. The reduction in the reel set size is from five to an optimum of three reels. The developed procedure also provides reduction of trim loss of 4% over the current plan. The developed approach also proved to be faster than the currently used techniques.

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