The influence of the revolute joint model on the dynamic behavior of multibody systems is investigated throughout this work. In the process, under the framework of the multibody systems formulation, a general methodology for modeling revolute joints with clearance is presented. The numerical models for normal and tangential contact forces are reviewed. The contact-impact forces developed during the contact are evaluated and introduced into the equations of motion of the multibody mechanical system. Moreover, the main kinematic and dynamic aspects of the modeling lubricated revolute joints are presented and discussed in this work in order to compare them with the dry revolute joint. The hydrodynamic forces are obtained by integrating the pressure distribution evaluated with the aid of Reynolds’ equation written for the dynamic regime. The hydrodynamic forces are nonlinear functions of the journal centre position and of its velocity with reference to the bearing center. The hydrodynamic forces built up by the lubricant fluid are evaluated from the state of variable of the system and included into the equations of motion of the mechanical system. The main assumptions and procedures adopted in this work are demonstrated through simulations of a slider-crank mechanism, which includes a revolute joint with clearance.

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