Recently, the demand of a high speed and high accuracy increases in the media transport (or feeding) system (MTS) which is one of the most essential parts in copiers, digital printers, ATM’s and so forth. This paper illustrates the development of a high-speed, high-accuracy paper feeding system including a feedback feeding speed control system with a learning controller. The controller is designed to reduce the slippage between the feeding rollers and paper in the presence of the periodic disturbance in the nip force of the driven roller which is mainly caused by the eccentricity of the driven roller. The lack of an accurate model of the plant often makes control system designers to face difficulties at an early stage in designing a robust controller for highly non-linear multi-body dynamics system such as the MTS with flexible media. To mitigate the problem, a so-called co-simulation approach, the combination of a controller development tool and a model developed in MBD, is often adopted and it would allow the controller designer to expedite the design and evaluation of control systems. In the paper, using a co-simulation approah a MTS with a paper is modeled and a repetitive learning controller is develped and evaluated.

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