In the modern aeronautics and aerospace industry, there is a manifold amount of applications emerging for wireless sensors. While many new systems are making use of radio transmitters, EADS Innovation Works has developed a concept for transmitting energy and data to the inside of hermetically sealed envelopes used for hydraulic accumulators, fuel tanks, oxygen bottles, etc. For such kind of metal enclosures, the use of radio frequency is impossible as the electromagnetic waves are blocked by the surrounding material. Classical approaches like using wire-based feed-throughs threaten the reliability of the overall system and hence, they are less attractive especially when safety relevant components are targeted. The system described in this paper makes use of ultrasonic transmission techniques in order to power and communicate with a wireless sensor inside a metal enclosure. An innovative platform and communication concept allows to efficiently read data from basically any type of low power commercial sensors of the shelf. Major design drivers for the overall system are a high level of integration and high reliability.

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