Manipulation of micron sized components is essential for microassembly. Understanding the dominant adhesive forces in the micro-scale as well as devising techniques to control them is needed in order to design a proper micro manipulation apparatus. A liquid bridge based micromanipulation scheme is presented in this paper. The adhesive forces like capillary and surface tension force are prominent in micro scale due to scaling law and provides sufficient force for pickup of an object. The main problem resides in the systematic release of the object from the gripper surface. The focus of this paper is on the feasibility study of contact angle manipulation by electrowetting method for prompt release of an object. Preliminary results from numerical solution of Laplace-Young equation and CFD analysis shows that by increasing the contact angle a critical contact angle is reached after which Laplace-Young equation does not produce a feasible solution and the CFD analysis results in an unstable solution. This result demonstrates that the contact angle manipulation is capable of breaking a liquid bridge and provides a feasible solution for the release mechanism in microgripping.

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