The purpose of this study is to analyze team interaction and team creativity performance for conceptual design activities of student design teams that are composed using personal creativity modes. Experimental group design teams conducted a conceptual design task after teamwork practice activity immediately following self-awareness activity for personal creativity modes. Their design results have been evaluated using novelty and resolution aspects of the Creative Product Semantic Scale. The result shows that the teams in experimental group acquired higher score than those in control group without teamwork practice activity. Also we conducted detailed team interaction analysis of protocol data using Interaction Process Analysis method for a diverse team composed of various creativity modes and a uniform team composed of the same creativity mode. The analysis result of team interaction shows that the interaction patterns of team members in diverse team were very different from individual to individual reflecting their personal creativity modes, while those of uniform team members were almost identical. These findings suggest that knowing team members’ personal creativity modes could improve team creativity and that personal creativity modes could affect the way design team interacts.

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