In this paper a new concept of semitrailer for hydrogen carriers is presented. It has been developed by means of numerical calculations carried out with the finite elements method. This new design of semitrailer incorporates several new functions. The first one is to achieve a rollover resistant vehicle. It has to be taken into account the absence of a specific regulation in Europe for this type of vehicles, so former vehicles were not enough rollover resistant. Nevertheless, in this development process it has been taken into account the European rollover regulation concerning large passenger vehicles “Regulation n° 66 of Geneva”, applied in this case to a vehicle having a much higher mass and a higher centre of gravity than a bus. Therefore a higher kinetic energy will be obtained in case of rollover. The second characteristic inherent to this new design of semitrailer is its lightness. It has achieved a mass reduction of 8500 kg in comparison with former designs, by means of lightening the structure, in charge of supporting the hydrogen cylinders, as well as making lighter these hydrogen cylinders themselves. Numerical models developed have been calculated by explicit integration of the dynamic balance equation. Very complex finite element models have been developed in order to include all geometric details. In these models, the elastic-plastic curves of involved materials have been included as well as its variation due to the strain rate influence. There have also been taken into account non-linear effects from contacts and from large strains that take place.

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