In recent years the demands of users and the social problems have been diverse. In design, the diverse demands of users and problems of the society have created increasingly complex design problems. Therefore, it is important to understand values and images of the design objects and analyze the relation among design objects, human beings and its environment to respond to the complicated design problems. A number of design modeling methods that realize above points have been proposed. Consequently, it is necessary for designers and engineers to derivate the exact design solution that responds to the complicated design problems. However, the framework of design modeling methods in design has not been established. Moreover, most of the current studies on the methods only respond to the problems in each aspect of design [1]. Therefore, designers and engineers apply the design modeling methods in each design process based on their knowledge and experiences. The guideline of selection for the application of design modeling methods has not been shown. Consequently, the guideline for selecting the design modeling methods is needed for designers and engineers to apply the methods appropriately in design.

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