Customer evaluation of concepts plays an important role in the design of handheld devices, such as bottles of douche gels and shampoos, where the phenomenon of grasping needs to be evaluated. In these applications important information on the aspects of ergonomics and user behaviors could be gathered from computer simulation. It is our ultimate goal to develop an environment in which users and designers can freely interact with product concepts. In our approach to grasping simulation there is no tactile feedback and we do not measure the exerted grasping forces. There is no wiring of the human hand, and the users are not limited in their movements. We measure the motion of the human hand, compute the grasping forces based on anthropometric data, and simulate the reaction of product concepts in a physically based virtual reality environment. Our contribution consists of: (i) a method, which takes into account the anatomy of the human hand in order to determine the maximum grasping forces, and (ii) an approach which enables to control the grasping forces based on (a) the penetration of the virtual human hand into the virtual model of product concept (b) the posture of the grasping, and (c) the angles of the joints. The paper reports on the framework of our approach and presents an application.

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