The responsibility of every police officer is to protect his or her fellow citizens in times of emergency. However, it can be very difficult for police officers in headquarters to know the specific location in which their dispatched officers are when they receive an emergency call citizen. Sometimes, when the officers in headquarters receive an emergency phone call, they might not have enough officers to deploy to that particular location. Other times, some officers may be very close to a particular location, which might not be known to the officers in headquarters because of the limitation of the technologies they are using for communication. We are proposing an RFID system to help overcome this limitation. The RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a technology that can be used to track an object even when it is not in the line of sight. This research work designed a ubiquitous system for the Police force to enhance the performance level of police functions. This system provides police officers in their headquarters with real time information about where their dispatched officers are located. This will help police performance and efficiency in the following ways: first and foremost, response times in attending to emergency calls will decline significantly and secondly, the resources wasted by the police force in dealing with false alarm calls will be reduced. The aim of tracking officers’ locations is to minimise the response time of police in times of emergency.

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