The virtual simulation methods used in the gear industry allow for the prediction of requirements in the gears manufacturing process, as well as, prediction of their mesh before they are manufactured. The aim of this paper is to present an approach regarding the virtual simulation of multi-tooth contact analysis of worm-face gear drives used in the automotive industry. The methods presented in this paper are intended to reduce the process development phase of gearboxes, having as components, worm-face gear drives and thus saving large amounts of time and money. A procedure has been developed in order to simulate the idle multi-tooth contact, in a worm-face gear drive with localized contact, as a combinative algorithm of using a virtual manufacturing method and the power of MathCAD software. Virtual simulation of loaded multi-tooth contact analysis has been carried out together with the contact stress analysis by FEA method using ANSYS software. The FEM models have been developed by Computer Manufacturing Simulation (CMS) method. 3D CAD examples illustrating the idle contact pattern on face gear teeth flanks are presented for both directions of rotation of the driving worm. Numerical results related to the loaded multi-tooth contact analysis and contact stress analysis, respectively, are also provided in order to illustrate the developed approach.

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