An object-oriented graphical modeling environment for simulating the coupled dynamic response of flexible multibody systems and sloshing in liquid filled tanks is presented. The environment includes integrated pre-processor, solver, and post-processor. The environment can be used to model liquid tank bearing ground, air or space vehicles. The pre-processor allows constructing an object-oriented hierarchical “preliminary” model of the vehicle, tank, and terrain. The pre-processor includes a hierarchical model tree-editor along with interactive display of the model. It also includes an automatic mesh generator for generating the finite element (FE) model from the preliminary model. The FE model consists of hexahedral, beam, and truss solid elements, rigid bodies, joints, hexahedral incompressible fluid elements, and quadrilateral fluid-solid interface elements. The fluid mesh is modeled using a very light and compliant solid mesh which allows the fluid mesh to move/deform along with the tank using the ALE formulation. The fluid’s free-surface is modeled using a volume-of-fluid algorithm. A parallel explicit-time integration solver is used to generate the coupled dynamic response of the vehicle, tank, and fluid. The post-processor allows near-photorealistic visualization of animations of: vehicle, liquid free-surface, iso-surfaces, terrain and surroundings; colored/contoured surfaces; and surface/volume arrows. Users can control the visualization using the tree-editor or a clickable hierarchical list of natural-language commands.

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