The focus is that Excel/VBA provides a useful platform for engineering calculations in energy engineering. It includes computational methods in the simulation and solution of engineering problems that may or may not have analytical exact mathematical solutions. Emphasis is on the methods and applications, using Excel as the interface for data input and output, tables and figures, and Visual Basic for Applications VBA as the programming language for computations. Fundamental topics of: • Linear and Nonlinear Sets of Equations; • Interpolating Polynomials; • Differentiation and Integration; • Solution of ODEs – Initial and Boundary Value Problems; • Solution of PDEs – Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic; • Graphics, including Plotting and Data Presentation, and Curve Fitting. Connections are made between each topic and a variety of engineering problems and applications. In this approach, it is emphasized how to develop and apply numerical techniques to solve engineering problems.

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