This research involves the development and testing of a pressure regulator designed to maintain a constant pressure and mass flow relationship between the oxidizer and fuel source of a nitrous oxide injection system. Regulator design was accomplished through the exhaustive process of reviewing various fuel control and oxidizer referencing designs coupled with finite element analysis on the oxidizer referenced components to determine whether the selected components could handle the relatively high forces generated by the 1000psi nitrous oxide. The testing phase of the project was done in a dynamometer cell and involved numerous dynamometer tests of an engine supplied with a nitrous oxide kit both with and without the oxidizer referenced fuel pressure regulator. These tests monitored critical areas such as peak cylinder pressure, the location of the peak cylinder pressure, the air/fuel ratio, the nitrous oxide bottle pressure, and the knock intensity. The data collected in each of these areas was used to compare the performance of a regulated and non-regulated system as well as ensure the safe and reliable operation of the engine.

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