A time-accurate finite element model for simulating the fully-coupled dynamic response of flexible multibody systems and liquid sloshing in tanks is presented. The semi-discrete combined solid and fluid equations of motions are integrated using a time-accurate parallel explicit solver. The FE model consists of: hexahedral, beam, and truss solid elements; rigid bodies; joints; actuators; hexahedral incompressible fluid elements; and quadrilateral fluid-solid interface elements. The fluid mesh is modeled using a very light and compliant solid mesh which allows the fluid mesh to move/deform along with the tank using the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian formulation. The fluid’s free-surface is modeled using an acceptor-donor volume-of-fluid based algorithm. The motion of the solid and fluid is referred to a global inertial Cartesian reference frame. A total Lagrangian deformation description is used for the solid elements. The penalty technique is used to model the joints. Numerical simulations are presented for a half-filled tank supported by linear springs mounted on a test fixture.

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