This paper outlines the requirements for employing visibility for CNC Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Rapid Manufacturing (RM), e.g., necessary conditions for CNC RP. Visibility, as used here, is with respect to line-of-sight access for the tool to the workpiece for machining access. This method forms the basis for the selection of an axis of rotation for which the workpiece would be completely visible and a step in the automation sequence for this process. A review of prior visibility work in the area of machining is included and specifically those related to CNC RP. Additionally, there is a discussion of a new software implementation of visibility and its methodology for CNC RP. The goal of this implementation is to develop a procedure that will reduce the set of all potential workpiece rotational axes to a subset that will provide full visibility. Results are presented for the software tool along with potential improvements for the future.

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