This paper presents two dynamic models of vehicles carrying liquids, namely single tractor and tractor-semitrailer. Both models incorporate suspension system and tire dynamics. Vehicles carrying fluids feature two subsystems: vehicle body and fluid subsystems. These two subsystems are coupled and to simplify the complicated solution, the coupled equations are solved separately using two different codes. Different braking moments are applied to the models and their dynamic behaviors are determined. It is shown that tractor-semitrailers need more braking moment than single tractor ones. As well, it turns out vehicles carrying fluids need a greater amount of moment in comparison to vehicles carrying solids to come to a complete standstill. Lastly, as the level of fluid inside the tanker increases (33% to 66%), the sloshing forces to the tanker’s walls increase. Therefore, it is revealed that tankers should be specially designed to address the characteristics and volume of fluid inside the tanker.

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