MechXML is an XML-based language aimed at describing multibody systems and their simulations (see a more detailed description in [1]). With the appropriate easy-to-build parsers, a data file written in this language can be executed with little or no modification at all in many commercial and research-oriented programs. The purpose of this paper is twofold: to introduce briefly this language and to describe with more detail the new developments that allow the definition of continuous control subsystems. The definition of controls is based on block diagrams. The user defined functions are a general way to customize multibody simulation software so as to enable it to deal with arbitrary forces and constraints. They are described here because they can be used to describe the actions of control systems, too. At the end, a file written according to the rules of MechXML is parsed and run in two programs as different as MSC.ADAMS and SimMechanics.

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