We herein investigate the motion and vibration of multi-vehicles that follow complicated three-dimensional trajectories. A roller coaster is used as the multi-vehicle model. The equations of motion and the constraint conditions of the model are set up using a differential-algebraic equation (DAE). In previous reports, we examined the motion and vibration of a single-vehicle roller coaster. In the present paper, we examine a multi-vehicle roller coaster. We herein propose and analyze the constraint conditions between the vehicles. In the simulation, we investigate differences in motion and vibration among the coupled vehicles. The motions of multi-vehicles in the simulation and the experiment shared a number of similar tendencies. In addition, we propose a theory by which to evaluate the yaw angle, which is expressed in the x-y (s-u) plane defined as the ground surface, and analyze the influence on the yaw direction. Finally, we examine the validity of the proposed simulation method.

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