This experimental study investigates the effect of the various combinations of bolt tightening and joint material on the strength and behavior of single lap, double bolted composite joints. The strength of the bolted joint is determined from a load-displacement test in which the joint members are pulled in the transverse direction relative to the bolts axis. Additionally, damage assessment is performed on the bearing surface between the shank of each bolt and the members of the joint. The bearing surface damage is examined using a Motic Microscope. Four tightening configurations are used in the testing of each joint. These configurations permit each bolt to be in either tight or loose conditions. The effect of joint material is also investigated, as well. Tested joints include composite-to-composite and composite-to-aluminum joint combination. The metric M8x1.25 bolts; Class 8.8 bolts are used in this study. Experimental results, data analysis, and conclusions are presented.

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