In this paper, we develop a distributed modeling framework for collaborative embedded system design. Based on the component-based approach, a unified design-with-modules scheme is proposed to model the embedded system design process and a web-based knowledge intensive distributed module modeling and evaluation (KS-DMME) framework is developed as a collaborative cyber-infrastructure to support distributed network-centric embedded system design. The framework intends to link distributed, heterogeneous hardware/software (HW/SW) design modules and tools and assist designers in evaluating design alternatives, visualizing trade-offs, finding optimal solutions, and making decisions on the web. It also enables designers to build integrated design models using both the local and distributed resources (e.g., local and distributed HW/SW modules) and to cooperate by exchanging services. The client (browser) / knowledge server architecture allows embedded system design modules to be published and connected over the web to form an integrated intelligent models/modules network. Finally, as an illustration, a model for a modular micro-robotic systems design is developed.

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