In protection of damage of instantaneous impulse shock, an ideal shock isolator should have a constant resisting force vs. deformation property. This paper studied on the property of shock isolator made by ordinary components. The Coulomb damper isolator holds a constant resisting force with respect to deflection, which absorbs shock energy efficiently. However, it cannot be used in a repeat impact case because its deformation is permanent. Parameters optimizations were made on the viscous-damping-linear-spring and velocity-squared-damping-linear-spring isolator. Numerical simulations were given to the optimal designs. Results show that the velocity-squared-damping-linear-spring isolator can achieve a constant force with respect to deformation too, and the viscous-damping-linear-spring-isolator can achieve it approximately. Because the viscous-damping-linear-spring isolator attenuates the shock force more quickly, it is also very good kind of shock isolator.

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