Styling lines are elongated areas of abrupt curvature that have some meaning for the styling of a shape. Although many methods have been developed to extract these lines on a purely geometrical level, few methods exist to give the user the control of modifying such a styling line on a higher level of abstraction. In this paper, a method is proposed for the automatic extraction of control elements from free form shapes. These control elements are: the trajectory curve, which lies along the direction of the styling line, and the profile curve, which lies perpendicular to the styling line in the area in which the styling line is embedded. These control elements are simple, intuitive handles for modifying the styling line, which can be controlled by the user in a simple sketching action. The extraction method makes use of curvature analysis, and finds critical points where the curvature has an extreme. By setting several parameters, the user is able to control the extraction method to fine-tune it according to his/her wishes. The method is demonstrated on the digital representation of a computer mouse and is discussed for use in the parameterisation of other features.

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