Non-smooth piecewise functional isolators are smart passive vibration isolators that can provide effective isolation for high frequency/low amplitude excitation by introducing a soft primary suspension, and by preventing a high relative displacement in low frequency/high amplitude excitation by introducing a relatively damped secondary suspension. In this investigation a linear secondary suspension is attached to a nonlinear primary suspension. The primary is assumed to be nonlinear to model the inherent nonlinearities involved in real suspensions. However, the secondary suspension comes into action only during a short period of time, and in mall domain around resonance. Therefore, a linear assumption for the secondary suspension is reasonable. The dynamic behavior of the system subject to a harmonic base excitation has been analyzed utilizing the analytic results derived by applying the averaging method. The analytic results match very well in the transition between the two suspensions. A sensitivity analysis has shown the effect of varying dynamic parameters in the steady state behavior of the system.

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