A system of parallel disks may be cooled by passing a fluid between these disks. Depending on the disk geometries, their distance, mechanical properties and fluid velocity, the disks may be subjected to transverse vibration which may be damped or become unstable. There are number of papers on the flow induced vibration in pipes with various boundary conditions addressing their transverse vibration characteristics. However, there is very little information on the vibration characteristics of disks with axisymmetric fluid flow in between. The equation of motion of two parallel disks with an axisymmetric flow in between is developed using Hamiltonian principle. In the initial phase of this study, it was assumed that two plates move in the same direction, thus maintaining their initial gap. The governing equations are non-dimensionalized and the effects of plates moment of inertia, density, geometry and fluid velocity on the dynamic response of the plates are obtained.

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