The acceleration signals of rotor vibration in operation consist of plenty of information about its running condition and can be used in machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. The full spectrum cascade analysis of rotating machine vibrations, which has important information association with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal relationships, is an efficient method that enables the symptoms of some special types of fault (especially for rub) to be clear detected. Some typical rubs that caused by different malfunctions have been simulated through experiments in this study; Acceleration signals have been received by experimental apparatus and analyzed by full spectrum. The abrupt changes in surging acceleration signals of rotor malfunctions can be detected and its fault feature spectra are shown in full spectrum cascade plots. The results indicate that the potential and feasibility of this approach as the diagnosis of rotor malfunctions. The full spectrum cascade diagram can enrich the feature information for the knowledge base of the rotating machinery rub fault diagnosis system and is of great significance to rub diagnose faults in rotor more accurately.

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