The materials used in the field of printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly complex as they are common to make use of numerous combination of metallic and composite plies. The potential for utilization of circuit boards is generally verified through the numerical simulation, especially for the multilayer printed circuit boards with high electronic density. This paper provides a numerical model intended to describe numerically the behavior of multilayer multimaterial circuit boards. Two parts are considered in the developed model: one is elastic-plastic damaging model that is presented to describe the metallic ply in the multilayer circuit boards; another is degenerated bi-phase model that is presented to describe composite ply. With the combination of equivalent laminate (EQLAM) method, the degenerated bi-phase successfully models the woven glass-fiber/epoxy-resin composite ply. These two plies are the basic components of multilayer circuit boards. Meanwhile, with the verification of static tests and dynamic tests, the reliability of presented model is confirmed.

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