In this paper, vibration behavior of engine on nonlinear hydraulic engine mount including inertia track and decoupler is studied. In this regard, after introducing the nonlinear factors of this mount (i.e. inertia and decoupler resistances in turbulent region), the vibration governing equations of engine on one hydraulic engine mount are solved and the effect of nonlinearity is investigated. In order to have a comparison between rubber and hydraulic engine mounts, a 6 degree of freedom four cylinders V-shaped engine under inertia and balancing masses forces and torques is considered. By solving the time domain nonlinear equations of motion of engine on three inclined mounts, translational and rotational motions of engines body are obtained for different engine speeds. Transmitted base forces are also determined for both types of engine mount. Comparison of rubber and hydraulic mounts indicates the efficiency of hydraulic one in low frequency region.

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