The numerical prediction of chaos and quasi-periodic motion on the homoclinic surface of a 2-DOF nonlinear Hamiltonian system is presented through the energy spectrum method. For weak interactions, the analytical conditions for chaotic motion in such a Hamiltonian system are presented through the energy incremental energy approach. The Poincare mapping surfaces of chaotic motions for such nonlinear Hamiltonian systems are illustrated. The chaotic and quasiperiodic motions on the phase planes, displacement subspace (or potential domains), and the velocity subspace (or kinetic energy domains) are illustrated for a better understanding of motion behaviors on the homoclinic surface. Through this investigation, it is observed that the chaotic and quasi-periodic motions almost fill on the homoclinic surface of the 2-DOF nonlinear Hamiltonian systems. The resonant-periodic motions are theoretically countable but numerically inaccessible. Such conclusions are similar to the ones in the KAM theorem even though the KAM theorem is based on the small perturbation.

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