The dynamic behaviour of a simple clamped beam suspended at the other end by an inclined cable stay is surveyed in this paper. The sag due to the cable weight, as well as the non-linear coupling between the cable and the beam motions are taken into account. The formulation for in-plane vibration follows closely that of Gattulli et al. [1] and confirms their findings for the overall features of the equations of motion and the system modal properties. A reduced non-linear mathematical model, with two degrees of freedom, is also developed, following again the steps of Gattulli and co-authors [2,3]. Hamilton’s Principle is evoked to allow for the projection of the displacement field of both the beam and the cable onto the space defined by the first two modes, namely a “global” mode (beam and cable) and a “local” mode (cable). The method of multiple scales is then applied to the analysis of the reduced equations of motion, when the system is subjected to the action of a harmonic loading. The steady-state solutions are characterised in the case of internal resonance between the local and the global modes, plus external resonance with respect to either one of the modes considered. A numerical application is presented, for which multiple-scale results are compared with those of numerical integration. A reasonable qualitative and quantitative agreement is seen to happen particularly in the case of external resonance with the higher mode. Discrepancies should obviously be expected due to strong non-linearities present in the reduced equations of motion. That is specially the case for external resonance with the lower mode.

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