This paper deals with the analysis and modeling of a linear clamped beam with a local non-linearity. The non linear effects are due to large displacements of the thin beam clamped at one end and screwed to the main beam at the other end. This set-up was built and instrumented at the University of Lie`ge. First, assuming that the thin beam can be replaced by nonlinear springs, a dynamic sub-structuring method is used to obtain the governing non linear differential equations of the system. Free decay responses are then numerically computed and compared to those obtained experimentally. To make the comparison, the wavelet tool is then used and the wavelet processing of free decay mechanical signals is presented in detail. Instantaneous amplitudes and frequencies are extracted from the wavelet analysis of free decay responses of the system, for the first three fundamental response components and their associated super-harmonics. Numerical and experimental results are presented and compared.

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