Dynamic pressure measurements are often helpful in characterizing operating conditions within industrial piping. The most straight forward method to obtain this type of data is to mount pressure transducers on the piping [6]. The orifice necessary for these instruments, frequently presents an undesirable opening in the pressure boundary of the affected system. One type of pressure transducer employs a strain gage mounted internally on a membrane that is exposed to the pressure to be measured [4, 5]. The deformation of the membrane is proportional to the pressure to be measured and is reported as a pressure value. A union of these two concepts yields the idea of mounting the gages directly on the piping and thereby eliminating the need for compromising piping integrity. One of the challenges is performing this measurement in the presence of significant axial train that is not related to the internal pressure. In the recent past Structural Integrity Associates Inc. has successfully applied this innovative technique to several main steam piping systems in various nuclear power plants in the US. This paper will describe some of the considerations regarding compensation for interfering axial strains as well as provide sample results from existing installations.

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