In this work, a magneto-rheological fluid based semi-active squeeze film damper (MR-SFD) is successfully applied to attenuate the excessive vibrations, especially unbalance responses, of a flexible rotor-bearing system. Using the linearized dynamic stiffness model of the MR-SFD, the optimal design and control algorithms that can effectively control excessive unbalance responses of flexible rotors are also proposed; the optimal damper location considering several flexible modes is systematically explored by means of the Structural Dynamics Modification technique. A simple, yet effective, control algorithm is also established in which the optimal input current levels are scheduled by using the singular value analysis. It is shown that the simulation and experimental results with a test rotor are in good agreement and that the proposed design and control algorithms of the MR-SFD are very effective in attenuation of unbalance response of the test rotor up to the second critical speed.

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